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I want teachers and parents to recognize that when you do see unusual talent, instead of demanding that these people have certain test scores, lets find a way to help nurture them. Because I think humanity needs it. I think these are the lessons we learn from Ramanujan. Youre leading the

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Spirit of Ramanujan Math Talent Initiative. What is this spirit? How do we recognize it? First of all, its the idea that talent is often found in the most unforgiving and unpromising of circumstances. Its the responsibility of mentors, teachers and parents first to recognize that talent, which is not always easy to do, and then to offer opportunities that nurture that talent. There are no age limits, and I dont want this to be a competition where youre recognized for high test scores. I have no trouble finding people who can get an 800 on the math SAT. Thats easy.

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You can experiment this on your own at home or in laboratory. sandbagged: Normally any golfer who tends to pretend how worse he is at golf which he or she is actually not and misleads others is called a sandbagged. Once you've installed the calendar, you can also highlight the start and end dates of your holiday on it.

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